How to Find the Best Value on Cruises

When it comes to finding the best value on cruises, it can start to feel like you’re lost at sea when trying to navigate over a million prices that change from minute to minute. Fluctuating prices, thousands of destinations, hundreds of cruise lines with thousands of reviews — it’s enough to make you seasick!

Luckily, we keeps your head above the waves by providing a simple, easy overview of everything you need to know — from cabin type to reviews — with an added bonus thrown in. How do we do it? We’re glad you asked.

What you can find in this article:


Cruise Price History

We’ve made it our business to become industry leaders when it comes to pricing, and the price of a cruise plays a big part of its value. We’ve spent years researching price information on every sailing in order to say with considerable certainty whether a particular cruise price is a good value or not. We check our extensive log of data to present a clear, simple summary of price changes. This means you get an honest, accurate, and real-time quote on every cruise you find on CruiseWatch — something you won’t find anywhere else.

Cruise Cabin Types

Which type of cabin you choose will ultimately affect the price, but we make it easy to see which cabins currently offer the best value. Generally speaking, balcony cabins and suites will always be more expensive than interior or ocean view cabins, but even balcony staterooms saw a dip in price this year. We show you the current price of each cabin type, along with the difference in both amount and percentage, and give you our expert opinion on how good a deal that cabin is. We take the time and put in the effort so you don’t have to.

Onboard Space on Cruise Ships

The importance of pricing to value is pretty self-explanatory, but a huge component of what determines whether we classify a cruise as a great value or not is the onboard experience — including how much space there is on the ship. Nobody likes to be packed in like sardines (even, we assume, the sardines), so we take into account the size and layout of each ship before we give it our CruiseWatch Best Deal seal of approval.

Cruises Onboard Entertainment

We admit we’ve enjoyed our share of Lido decks and unlimited buffets, but if that’s all a cruise has to offer, boredom can set in fast. That’s why we research the entertainment options available for each and every cruise on our site, and let you know how they measure up before you book. While we can’t vouch for the quality of each ship’s karaoke night, our best-value cruises will offer plenty of other options to escape your sister’s third Celine Dion rendition of the night.

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Customer Reviews for cruises

Data, data everywhere — but what do people think? We know that analysis can only go so far, which is why past customer reviews of each ship contribute to its overall value rating. Our best-value cruises have thousands of reviews and have consistently provided top-quality service and experiences to cruise-goers in the past, which is why we feel comfortable recommending them to you now.

BONUS: State-of-the-art Cruise Price Prediction –
A CruiseWatch Exclusive!

As if all this weren’t enough, CruiseWatch also offers real-time price prediction on every cruise, based on years of research and sophisticated artificial intelligence  powered algorithms. The science may be tricky, but the outcome isn’t: on every cruise we let you know whether we think you should book now or expect a better price later. This incredible and innovative tool further simplifies your experience, saving you time and stress, and giving you even more value.

Tools for Best Value on Cruises are just clicks away

Sure, you could find all this information yourself, but why bother? Not only is CruiseWatch an industry leader when it comes to price analysis and prediction, our services are 100% FREE. That’s right — free price monitoring, free prediction analysis, free peace of mind.

We live up to our motto… RIGHT CRUISE. RIGHT TIME. RIGHT PRICE.