Is going on a cruise cheaper than staying at home?

Did you know that going on a cruise can actually be cheaper than staying at home? Thanks to the official census data of 2012 we were able to analyze cost of living for all states in the US and compare that online to current cruise prices.

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How does this work?

We have taken data from the 2012 and 2014 Census and derived the average cost of living for major cities across all states. Depending on whether you go on a cruise for long term or short term there are certain items that you can save. Let’s say you are a short term, “vacation” type of cruiser. While on vacation you will not have to spend any money on food, entertainment and some other categories. We then contrast these savings with the current cost of cruises to see if you can save any money. For long term (“permanent”) cruises we also add the cost of housing to this equation: If you are a “permanent” cruiser you will not need an apartment any more.

Find out if it is cheaper to go on a cruise than to live in your city! Select a state from the map above.