Living on a cruise ship cheaper than living in this Connecticut city

Ocean Princess

Ocean Princess

According to a recent study by the next generation cruise search engine CruiseWatch it is actually cheaper to cruise continuously for an entire year than to pay rent and live in Connecticut. That is, at least, if you live in this CT city.

The company, which offers price drop alerts for cruise sailings departing from cities around the world to destinations around the globe, is raising awareness of this to highlight the affordability of cruising – especially when access to up-to-the-second cruise price information is available, as it is through their service.

The company didn’t pull this information out of thin air. Rather, it tapped into the vast amount of data that it has accumulated through the years, which includes five years’ worth of cruise price information and other types of big data, to gain a historical perspective of how cruise prices fluctuate throughout the year. also relied on data from the 2012 U.S. Census to accurately calculate current cost of living information for several major metropolitan areas in the state of Connecticut. “Our team dug deep to collect as much timely, accurate information as possible for this project,” said Britta Bernhard, co founder of the site.

To arrive at this conclusion, first calculated how much an average person would spend for things like housing, transportation, utilities and other everyday living expenses. For an average household size of 2.5 people in Stamford, this averaged around $511 per week. “Currently, the best available prices for the cheapest cruises in our database average around $313.25 per week, which represents a significant savings of $197.75 per week,” said the company rep. The cruise prices were accurate as of June 1, 2016, at around 2 p.m.

“To go on non stop cruises and save some money is an impressive proposition. It demonstrates the value you get out of a cruise compared to the relatively high cost of living at home.” she added.  “And not to forget that going on a cruise means to enjoy amazing ports and different countries. And all you have to do is to wake up at morning and look out of the window.”

A look at the calendar shows that these savings are mainly coming from winter, spring and autumn whereas in summer from June till August the cost of cruises is actually higher than the cost of living in CT. In the good weeks of winter, savings of $198 per person and week are possible. You will need to reinvest some of these savings to make it through the summer where you will see surcharges of up to $228 per week in late June.

The company was quick to mention that the above price typically represents an interior, two-person cabin. Suite cabins and cabins with ocean views usually cost more, so the savings would likely be lower under such circumstances. Cruise prices include ocean transportation, accommodations and full food service but don’t include taxes, surcharges or other fees. And, of course, there is a cost getting to the departure ports. “Even so,” said Britta Bernhard, “it’s easy to see that going on a cruise is a lot less expensive than most people think.” The trick, of course, is having easy access to up-to-the-second cruise prices. “ has you covered for that,” she added.

A next generation search engine for current cruise pricing information, uses cutting-edge technologies and big data to deliver accurate, timely information about current prices for cruises that span the globe. The company’s most popular feature, the price drop alert, is an especially convenient option for those who are planning cruises and want the most affordable options. Users who set up free cruise price drop alerts automatically receive emails whenever prices go down for cruises that they are monitoring. “It’s convenient, easy, free and accurate,” said the co-founder, who encourages aspiring cruise travelers to visit the website for more information.

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