Most talked about ships in April 2016 and other stats

April was a busy month again for cruise ship reviews with 2.626 customer reviews posted on the web. There has been quite some movement in the top 10 of most reviewed ships. We have counted reviews across major customer sites all around the web, and found some interesting statistics for you.

Most active review sites

Let’s start our look at the last month by analyzing where the reviews are coming from. 2.626 reviews have been found in total. The top 3 of customer review sites this month are:

# Website Reviews
1 1.236
2 1.146
3 244
source of cruise reviews, april 2016


Most talked about ship

Which ships got most reviews? Last month had an unusual winner: The Norwegian Star with 97 reviews. This month the top 3 are dominated by Norwegian Cruise Line again, but the Star is not even in the top 10 any more with “just” 45 reviews. Instead, the cruise mammoth ships Breakaway, Escape and Epic (all from Norwegian Cruise Line) tower on top of the list.

# Ship Reviews
1 Norwegian Breakaway 69
2 Norwegian Escape 61
3 Norwegian Epic 57
4 Norwegian Dawn 57
5 Brilliance of the Seas 55
6 Independence of the Seas 55
7 Carnival Victory 53
8 Liberty of the Seas 50
9 Norwegian Getaway 48
10 Majesty of the Seas 46


Most positive reviews

Talking about a cruise is one thing. Giving good marks is another. We have created a special rating for the ships with the most positive reviews. Basically each positive review is giving one point, while each negative review is subtracting one point from the score.