Carnival rolls out custom-designed stateroom options

Carnival Cruise Line will start a new custom-designed stateroom options program that offers passengers a few select preferences for their personal comfort. The options include little things like needing extra blanket to the number of times their stateroom is serviced each day.

Passengers will be able to customize their journey to best fit their needs through this new arrangement. They will have options to choose which part of the day they prefer to have their stateroom serviced or if they need extra hangers, pillows, or a bathrobe placed in their cabin.

After a successful test run the new program was rolled out to Carnival Victory January 4. Passengers will be given a card (see picture below) to fill out and give to their cabin steward.

stateroom options

Carnival stateroom options

John Heald, the cruise director of Carnival Cruise Lines said in his facebook post:

“Today on the Carnival Victory we will start the now very successful system where guests are asked if they would like their cabin attendance ended to and made up morning, evening or indeed both.

Yes, the cabin stewards will make sure that they offer both morning and evening turndown service and make sure that this offer is made clearly. The idea of course is to offer a tailored system so guests can choose this and other cabin amenities like ice every day

It will be interesting to see with so many first time cruisers on the ship what the breakdown will be. I will let you know”

Carnival is planning to start the “Comfort Matters” program in its remaining fleet after several ships went through a successful test run that began last year.