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Net Promoter Score Brilliance of the Seas

The current NPS / Net Promoter Score for Brilliance of the Seas is -0.45. The following table is showing the position of Brilliance of the Seas in our NPS charts:

Pos. Ship NPS
277.Queen Isabel0
278.Viking Osfrid0
279.Diamond Princess-0.07
280.Golden Princess-0.3
282.Brilliance of the Seas-0.45
283.Grand Princess-0.68
284.Dawn Princess-1.34
285.Anthem of the Seas-2.22

What does this mean?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a methodology that measures outspoken promoters of a product (such as a cruise ship) against vocal critics. It is a value that can range from -100 (only critics) to +100 (only promoters).

2024 data consists of reviews up to today. The other years include full year reviews. The NPS score for the last 365 days (thus spanning multiple years) was -0.45.

The NPS works by looking at positive (raving) reviews by so called 'Promoters' and contrasting them with negative ratings by 'Detractors'. The following list is showing the latest reviews out of the total reviews taken into account for this evaluation.

How does it work?

While the NPS is typically obtained by asking a simple question about the likelihood of recommendation we are calculating the cruise NPS based upon customer reviews from across the web. Responses are divided in three categories: Promoters give a top rating of 9 or 10 points (on a 10 point scale). Responses of 7 or 8 points are called 'Passives' because they are neither extremly positive nor negative. And 0 to 6 points are called Detractors. They have a negative base sentiment. The ratio between positive and negative ratings is the net promoter score. We are continuously monitoring the web for customer reviews (and have analyesd over 200.000 reviews so far). We are then mapping the responses into a 10 point grade scale and can then calculate the NPS.

Brilliance of the Seas Key Facts


Professional Review
Customer Reviews
Number of current reviews2911
% of people who loved it64
Current Net Promoter Score-0.45

Current Sailing

12 Night Eastern Europe Cruise (76780)
currently @ At Sea
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